Social media

Posted on 16 January 2021.


I got a lot of questions about social media recently. There are questions that some platforms limit some post, to say it politely.

Facebook, with whatsapp and instagram is probably the biggest and well known social media network. It is free, but not really, you pay it with your personal information. Or you get spammed with ads, like on youtube from google (alphabet).

There are a lot of other social media apps.
Signal and Telegram are very good instant messaging apps that focus on privacy and strong encryption.
Definitely my favorites if you look to replace Twitter or whatsapp.

But that are some other apps if you want to follow content creators. They allow you to follow and support content creators, by subscription or by gifts.
See it as a mix between Youtube or Instagram and Patreon or Subscribestar.

  • Minds : Is an alternative for facebook based on a blockchain. You can pay the content creators with cryptocurrency tokens (ERC20).

  • Locals : Is a social network where you join a community of content creator. You can pay a monthly fee to get more exclusive content.

  • bitchute : Is an alternative to Youtube. If you want you can send tips to the video creator.

These social networks follow the law. Anything illegal or pornographic will be removed. But they won't sensor opinions.

There are other networks for adult content like OnlyFans. you go there if you are looking for that.

By the way, if you looking for a more secure search engine?
duckduckgo.com doesn't store your personal info and does not track you.
You should set it as you default search engine in your browser.