De-google your phone

Posted on 22 January 2021. Last updated on 01 February 2021.


De-google your phone is removing all the default google services from you android phone. If you care about your privacy and don't want that google knows everything you do.

This is not an easy thing, google services run deep in Android (which is basically a linux version modified by google, google is part of Alphabet).
Usually this is done by install a new ROM (a new operating system).
Depending on the ROM you use, you can still install Android apps. But not all will (fully) work. Because some apps depend on some google services to operate.

If you are not tech-savy, you should not try this. It might ruin your phone and the warrant will probably be void. So proceed at you own risk.

Other options
You can also by a non-Android phone. And not a iPhone, that is possible worse, privacy-wise. It is a good and an easier option.
Check out these phones:

  • Ubuntu phone Several different phones that runs an Unbuntu Linux.

  • Librem5 A linux phone with physical switches to turn of wifi and camera. Not available yet.

KaiOS ( from Nokia - HMD ) is an operating system for very small, and very cheap phones. You can not compare it to the latest smart-phones. But what do you expect of a phone for $50.
It does have an app-store with 500+ apps, including the most common apps you know. If you are looking for a simple phone with some extra's, these are the ones for you. Nokia feature-phones.

HarmonyOS is the operating system for Huawei smartphones and other devices.
Not sure it is secure privacy-wise. It will be opensource, but I have to look into it.

Blackberry OS, Symbian and Microsoft Phone where smartphone operating systems, but they are no longer active.