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[RHSA-2022:5069-01] Important: OpenShift Container Platform 4.11.0 bug fix and security update

Posted on 10 August 2022

===================================================================== Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis: Important: OpenShift Container Platform 4.11.0 bug fix and security update
Advisory ID: RHSA-2022:5069-01
Product: Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise
Advisory URL: https://access.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2022:5069
Issue date: 2022-08-10
CVE Names: CVE-2018-25009 CVE-2018-25010 CVE-2018-25012
CVE-2018-25013 CVE-2018-25014 CVE-2018-25032
CVE-2019-5827 CVE-2019-13750 CVE-2019-13751
CVE-2019-17594 CVE-2019-17595 CVE-2019-18218
CVE-2019-19603 CVE-2019-20838 CVE-2020-13435
CVE-2020-14155 CVE-2020-17541 CVE-2020-19131
CVE-2020-24370 CVE-2020-28493 CVE-2020-35492
CVE-2020-36330 CVE-2020-36331 CVE-2020-36332
CVE-2021-3481 CVE-2021-3580 CVE-2021-3634
CVE-2021-3672 CVE-2021-3695 CVE-2021-3696
CVE-2021-3697 CVE-2021-3737 CVE-2021-4115
CVE-2021-4156 CVE-2021-4189 CVE-2021-20095
CVE-2021-20231 CVE-2021-20232 CVE-2021-23177
CVE-2021-23566 CVE-2021-23648 CVE-2021-25219
CVE-2021-31535 CVE-2021-31566 CVE-2021-36084
CVE-2021-36085 CVE-2021-36086 CVE-2021-36087
CVE-2021-38185 CVE-2021-38593 CVE-2021-40528
CVE-2021-41190 CVE-2021-41617 CVE-2021-42771
CVE-2021-43527 CVE-2021-43818 CVE-2021-44225
CVE-2021-44906 CVE-2022-0235 CVE-2022-0778
CVE-2022-1012 CVE-2022-1215 CVE-2022-1271
CVE-2022-1292 CVE-2022-1586 CVE-2022-1621
CVE-2022-1629 CVE-2022-1706 CVE-2022-1729
CVE-2022-2068 CVE-2022-2097 CVE-2022-21698
CVE-2022-22576 CVE-2022-23772 CVE-2022-23773
CVE-2022-23806 CVE-2022-24407 CVE-2022-24675
CVE-2022-24903 CVE-2022-24921 CVE-2022-25313
CVE-2022-25314 CVE-2022-26691 CVE-2022-26945
CVE-2022-27191 CVE-2022-27774 CVE-2022-27776
CVE-2022-27782 CVE-2022-28327 CVE-2022-28733
CVE-2022-28734 CVE-2022-28735 CVE-2022-28736
CVE-2022-28737 CVE-2022-29162 CVE-2022-29810
CVE-2022-29824 CVE-2022-30321 CVE-2022-30322
CVE-2022-30323 CVE-2022-32250
1. Summary:

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform release 4.11.0 is now available with
updates to packages and images that fix several bugs and add enhancements.

This release includes a security update for Red Hat OpenShift Container
Platform 4.11.

Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact
of Important. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score,
which gives a detailed severity rating, is available for each vulnerability
from the CVE link(s) in the References section.

2. Description:

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is Red Hat's cloud computing
Kubernetes application platform solution designed for on-premise or private
cloud deployments.

This advisory contains the container images for Red Hat OpenShift Container
Platform 4.11.0. See the following advisory for the RPM packages for this


Space precludes documenting all of the container images in this advisory.
See the following Release Notes documentation, which will be updated
shortly for this release, for details about these changes:


Security Fix(es):

* go-getter: command injection vulnerability (CVE-2022-26945)
* go-getter: unsafe download (issue 1 of 3) (CVE-2022-30321)
* go-getter: unsafe download (issue 2 of 3) (CVE-2022-30322)
* go-getter: unsafe download (issue 3 of 3) (CVE-2022-30323)
* nanoid: Information disclosure via valueOf() function (CVE-2021-23566)
* sanitize-url: XSS (CVE-2021-23648)
* minimist: prototype pollution (CVE-2021-44906)
* node-fetch: exposure of sensitive information to an unauthorized actor
* prometheus/client_golang: Denial of service using
InstrumentHandlerCounter (CVE-2022-21698)
* golang: crash in a golang.org/x/crypto/ssh server (CVE-2022-27191)
* go-getter: writes SSH credentials into logfile, exposing sensitive
credentials to local uses (CVE-2022-29810)
* opencontainers: OCI manifest and index parsing confusion (CVE-2021-41190)

For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS
score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE
page(s) listed in the References section.

You may download the oc tool and use it to inspect release image metadata
as follows:

(For x86_64 architecture)

$ oc adm release info

The image digest is

(For aarch64 architecture)

$ oc adm release info

The image digest is

(For s390x architecture)

$ oc adm release info

The image digest is

(For ppc64le architecture)

$ oc adm release info

The image digest is

All OpenShift Container Platform 4.11 users are advised to upgrade to these
updated packages and images when they are available in the appropriate
release channel. To check for available updates, use the OpenShift Console
or the CLI oc command. Instructions for upgrading a cluster are available

3. Solution:

For OpenShift Container Platform 4.11 see the following documentation,
which will be updated shortly for this release, for important instructions
on how to upgrade your cluster and fully apply this asynchronous errata


Details on how to access this content are available at

4. Bugs fixed (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/):

1817075 - MCC & MCO don't free leader leases during shut down -> 10 minutes of leader election timeouts
1822752 - cluster-version operator stops applying manifests when blocked by a precondition check
1823143 - oc adm release extract --command, --tools doesn't pull from localregistry when given a localregistry/image
1858418 - [OCPonRHV] OpenShift installer fails when Blank template is missing in oVirt/RHV
1859153 - [AWS] An IAM error occurred occasionally during the installation phase: Invalid IAM Instance Profile name
1896181 - [ovirt] install fails: due to terraform error "Cannot run VM. VM is being updated" on vm resource
1898265 - [OCP 4.5][AWS] Installation failed: error updating LB Target Group
1902307 - [vSphere] cloud labels management via cloud provider makes nodes not ready
1905850 - `oc adm policy who-can` failed to check the `operatorcondition/status` resource
1916279 - [OCPonRHV] Sometimes terraform installation fails on -failed to fetch Cluster(another terraform bug)
1917898 - [ovirt] install fails: due to terraform error "Tag not matched: expect <fault> but got <html>" on vm resource
1918005 - [vsphere] If there are multiple port groups with the same name installation fails
1918417 - IPv6 errors after exiting crictl
1918690 - Should update the KCM resource-graph timely with the latest configure
1919980 - oVirt installer fails due to terraform error "Failed to wait for Templte(...) to become ok"
1921182 - InspectFailed: kubelet Failed to inspect image: rpc error: code = DeadlineExceeded desc = context deadline exceeded
1923536 - Image pullthrough does not pass 429 errors back to capable clients
1926975 - [aws-c2s] kube-apiserver crashloops due to missing cloud config
1928932 - deploy/route_crd.yaml in openshift/router uses deprecated v1beta1 CRD API
1932812 - Installer uses the terraform-provider in the Installer's directory if it exists
1934304 - MemoryPressure Top Pod Consumers seems to be 2x expected value
1943937 - CatalogSource incorrect parsing validation
1944264 - [ovn] CNO should gracefully terminate OVN databases
1944851 - List of ingress routes not cleaned up when routers no longer exist - take 2
1945329 - In k8s 1.21 bump conntrack 'should drop INVALID conntrack entries' tests are disabled
1948556 - Cannot read property 'apiGroup' of undefined error viewing operator CSV
1949827 - Kubelet bound to incorrect IPs, referring to incorrect NICs in 4.5.x
1957012 - Deleting the KubeDescheduler CR does not remove the corresponding deployment or configmap
1957668 - oc login does not show link to console
1958198 - authentication operator takes too long to pick up a configuration change
1958512 - No 1.25 shown in REMOVEDINRELEASE for apis audited with k8s.io/removed-release 1.25 and k8s.io/deprecated true
1961233 - Add CI test coverage for DNS availability during upgrades
1961844 - baremetal ClusterOperator installed by CVO does not have relatedObjects
1965468 - [OSP] Delete volume snapshots based on cluster ID in their metadata
1965934 - can not get new result with "Refresh off" if click "Run queries" again
1965969 - [aws] the public hosted zone id is not correct in the destroy log, while destroying a cluster which is using BYO private hosted zone.
1968253 - GCP CSI driver can provision volume with access mode ROX
1969794 - [OSP] Document how to use image registry PVC backend with custom availability zones
1975543 - [OLM] Remove stale cruft installed by CVO in earlier releases
1976111 - [tracker] multipathd.socket is missing start conditions
1976782 - Openshift registry starts to segfault after S3 storage configuration
1977100 - Pod failed to start with message "set CPU load balancing: readdirent /proc/sys/kernel/sched_domain/cpu66/domain0: no such file or directory"
1978303 - KAS pod logs show: [SHOULD NOT HAPPEN] ...failed to convert new object...CertificateSigningRequest) to smd typed: .status.conditions: duplicate entries for key [type="Approved"]
1978798 - [Network Operator] Upgrade: The configuration to enable network policy ACL logging is missing on the cluster upgraded from 4.7->4.8
1979671 - Warning annotation for pods with cpu requests or limits on single-node OpenShift cluster without workload partitioning
1982737 - OLM does not warn on invalid CSV
1983056 - IP conflict while recreating Pod with fixed name
1984785 - LSO CSV does not contain disconnected annotation
1989610 - Unsupported data types should not be rendered on operand details page
1990125 - co/image-registry is degrade because ImagePrunerDegraded: Job has reached the specified backoff limit
1990384 - 502 error on "Observe -> Alerting" UI after disabled local alertmanager
1992553 - all the alert rules' annotations "summary" and "description" should comply with the OpenShift alerting guidelines
1994117 - Some hardcodes are detected at the code level in orphaned code
1994820 - machine controller doesn't send vCPU quota failed messages to cluster install logs
1995953 - Ingresscontroller change the replicas to scaleup first time will be rolling update for all the ingress pods
1996544 - AWS region ap-northeast-3 is missing in installer prompt
1996638 - Helm operator manager container restart when CR is creating&deleting
1997120 - test_recreate_pod_in_namespace fails - Timed out waiting for namespace
1997142 - OperatorHub: Filtering the OperatorHub catalog is extremely slow
1997704 - [osp][octavia lb] given loadBalancerIP is ignored when creating a LoadBalancer type svc
1999325 - FailedMount MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "kube-api-access" : object "openshift-kube-scheduler"/"kube-root-ca.crt" not registered
1999529 - Must gather fails to gather logs for all the namespace if server doesn't have volumesnapshotclasses resource
1999891 - must-gather collects backup data even when Pods fails to be created
2000653 - Add hypershift namespace to exclude namespaces list in descheduler configmap
2002009 - IPI Baremetal, qemu-convert takes to long to save image into drive on slow/large disks
2002602 - Storageclass creation page goes blank when "Enable encryption" is clicked if there is a syntax error in the configmap
2002868 - Node exporter not able to scrape OVS metrics
2005321 - Web Terminal is not opened on Stage of DevSandbox when terminal instance is not created yet
2005694 - Removing proxy object takes up to 10 minutes for the changes to propagate to the MCO
2006067 - Objects are not valid as a React child
2006201 - ovirt-csi-driver-node pods are crashing intermittently
2007246 - Openshift Container Platform - Ingress Controller does not set allowPrivilegeEscalation in the router deployment
2007340 - Accessibility issues on topology - list view
2007611 - TLS issues with the internal registry and AWS S3 bucket
2007647 - oc adm release info --changes-from does not show changes in repos that squash-merge
2008486 - Double scroll bar shows up on dragging the task quick search to the bottom
2009345 - Overview page does not load from openshift console for some set of users after upgrading to 4.7.19
2009352 - Add image-registry usage metrics to telemeter
2009845 - Respect overrides changes during installation
2010361 - OpenShift Alerting Rules Style-Guide Compliance
2010364 - OpenShift Alerting Rules Style-Guide Compliance
2010393 - [sig-arch][Late] clients should not use APIs that are removed in upcoming releases [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel]
2011525 - Rate-limit incoming BFD to prevent ovn-controller DoS
2011895 - Details about cloud errors are missing from PV/PVC errors
2012111 - LSO still try to find localvolumeset which is already deleted
2012969 - need to figure out why osupdatedstart to reboot is zero seconds
2013144 - Developer catalog category links could not be open in a new tab (sharing and open a deep link works fine)
2013461 - Import deployment from Git with s2i expose always port 8080 (Service and Pod template, not Route) if another Route port is selected by the user
2013734 - unable to label downloads route in openshift-console namespace
2013822 - ensure that the `container-tools` content comes from the RHAOS plashets
2014161 - PipelineRun logs are delayed and stuck on a high log volume
2014240 - Image registry uses ICSPs only when source exactly matches image
2014420 - Topology page is crashed
2014640 - Cannot change storage class of boot disk when cloning from template
2015023 - Operator objects are re-created even after deleting it
2015042 - Adding a template from the catalog creates a secret that is not owned by the TemplateInstance
2015356 - Different status shows on VM list page and details page
2015375 - PVC creation for ODF/IBM Flashsystem shows incorrect types
2015459 - [azure][openstack]When image registry configure an invalid proxy, registry pods are CrashLoopBackOff
2015800 - [IBM]Shouldn't change status.storage.bucket and status.storage.resourceKeyCRN when update sepc.stroage,ibmcos with invalid value
2016425 - Adoption controller generating invalid metadata.Labels for an already adopted Subscription resource
2016534 - externalIP does not work when egressIP is also present
2017001 - Topology context menu for Serverless components always open downwards
2018188 - VRRP ID conflict between keepalived-ipfailover and cluster VIPs
2018517 - [sig-arch] events should not repeat pathologically expand_less failures - s390x CI
2019532 - Logger object in LSO does not log source location accurately
2019564 - User settings resources (ConfigMap, Role, RB) should be deleted when a user is deleted
2020483 - Parameter $__auto_interval_period is in Period drop-down list
2020622 - e2e-aws-upi and e2e-azure-upi jobs are not working
2021041 - [vsphere] Not found TagCategory when destroying ipi cluster
2021446 - openshift-ingress-canary is not reporting DEGRADED state, even though the canary route is not available and accessible
2022253 - Web terminal view is broken
2022507 - Pods stuck in OutOfpods state after running cluster-density
2022611 - Remove BlockPools(no use case) and Object(redundat with Overview) tab on the storagesystem page for NooBaa only and remove BlockPools tab for External mode deployment
2022745 - Cluster reader is not able to list NodeNetwork* objects
2023295 - Must-gather tool gathering data from custom namespaces.
2023691 - ClusterIP internalTrafficPolicy does not work for ovn-kubernetes
2024427 - oc completion zsh doesn't auto complete
2024708 - The form for creating operational CRs is badly rendering filed names ("obsoleteCPUs" -> "Obsolete CP Us" )
2024821 - [Azure-File-CSI] need more clear info when requesting pvc with volumeMode Block
2024938 - CVE-2021-41190 opencontainers: OCI manifest and index parsing confusion
2025624 - Ingress router metrics endpoint serving old certificates after certificate rotation
2026356 - [IPI on Azure] The bootstrap machine type should be same as master
2026461 - Completed pods in Openshift cluster not releasing IP addresses and results in err: range is full unless manually deleted
2027603 - [UI] Dropdown doesn't close on it's own after arbiter zone selection on 'Capacity and nodes' page
2027613 - Users can't silence alerts from the dev console
2028493 - OVN-migration failed - ovnkube-node: error waiting for node readiness: timed out waiting for the condition
2028532 - noobaa-pg-db-0 pod stuck in Init:0/2
2028821 - Misspelled label in ODF management UI - MCG performance view
2029438 - Bootstrap node cannot resolve api-int because NetworkManager replaces resolv.conf
2029470 - Recover from suddenly appearing old operand revision WAS: kube-scheduler-operator test failure: Node's not achieving new revision
2029797 - Uncaught exception: ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded
2029835 - CSI migration for vSphere: Inline-volume tests failing
2030034 - prometheusrules.openshift.io: dial tcp: lookup prometheus-operator.openshift-monitoring.svc on no such host
2030530 - VM created via customize wizard has single quotation marks surrounding its password
2030733 - wrong IP selected to connect to the nodes when ExternalCloudProvider enabled
2030776 - e2e-operator always uses quay master images during presubmit tests
2032559 - CNO allows migration to dual-stack in unsupported configurations
2032717 - Unable to download ignition after coreos-installer install --copy-network
2032924 - PVs are not being cleaned up after PVC deletion
2033482 - [vsphere] two variables in tf are undeclared and get warning message during installation
2033575 - monitoring targets are down after the cluster run for more than 1 day
2033711 - IBM VPC operator needs e2e csi tests for ibmcloud
2033862 - MachineSet is not scaling up due to an OpenStack error trying to create multiple ports with the same MAC address
2034147 - OpenShift VMware IPI Installation fails with Resource customization when corespersocket is unset and vCPU count is not a multiple of 4
2034296 - Kubelet and Crio fails to start during upgrde to 4.7.37
2034411 - [Egress Router] No NAT rules for ipv6 source and destination created in ip6tables-save
2034688 - Allow Prometheus/Thanos to return 401 or 403 when the request isn't authenticated
2034958 - [sig-network] Conntrack should be able to preserve UDP traffic when initial unready endpoints get ready
2035005 - MCD is not always removing in progress taint after a successful update
2035334 - [RFE] [OCPonRHV] Provision machines with preallocated disks
2035899 - Operator-sdk run bundle doesn't support arm64 env
2036202 - Bump podman to >= 3.3.0 so that setup of multiple credentials for a single registry which can be distinguished by their path will work
2036594 - [MAPO] Machine goes to failed state due to a momentary error of the cluster etcd
2036948 - SR-IOV Network Device Plugin should handle offloaded VF instead of supporting only PF
2037190 - dns operator status flaps between True/False/False and True/True/(False|True) after updating dnses.operator.openshift.io/default
2037447 - Ingress Operator is not closing TCP connections.
2037513 - I/O metrics from the Kubernetes/Compute Resources/Cluster Dashboard show as no datapoints found
2037542 - Pipeline Builder footer is not sticky and yaml tab doesn't use full height
2037610 - typo for the Terminated message from thanos-querier pod description info
2037620 - Upgrade playbook should quit directly when trying to upgrade RHEL-7 workers to 4.10
2037625 - AppliedClusterResourceQuotas can not be shown on project overview
2037626 - unable to fetch ignition file when scaleup rhel worker nodes on cluster enabled Tang disk encryption
2037628 - Add test id to kms flows for automation
2037721 - PodDisruptionBudgetAtLimit alert fired in SNO cluster
2037762 - Wrong ServiceMonitor definition is causing failure during Prometheus configuration reload and preventing changes from being applied
2037841 - [RFE] use /dev/ptp_hyperv on Azure/AzureStack
2038115 - Namespace and application bar is not sticky anymore
2038244 - Import from git ignore the given servername and could not validate On-Premises GitHub and BitBucket installations
2038405 - openshift-e2e-aws-workers-rhel-workflow in CI step registry broken
2038774 - IBM-Cloud OVN IPsec fails, IKE UDP ports and ESP protocol not in security group
2039135 - the error message is not clear when using "opm index prune" to prune a file-based index image
2039161 - Note about token for encrypted PVCs should be removed when only cluster wide encryption checkbox is selected
2039253 - ovnkube-node crashes on duplicate endpoints
2039256 - Domain validation fails when TLD contains a digit.
2039277 - Topology list view items are not highlighted on keyboard navigation
2039462 - Application tab in User Preferences dropdown menus are too wide.
2039477 - validation icon is missing from Import from git
2039589 - The toolbox command always ignores [command] the first time
2039647 - Some developer perspective links are not deep-linked causes developer to sometimes delete/modify resources in the wrong project
2040180 - Bug when adding a new table panel to a dashboard for OCP UI with only one value column
2040195 - Ignition fails to enable systemd units with backslash-escaped characters in their names
2040277 - ThanosRuleNoEvaluationFor10Intervals alert description is wrong
2040488 - OpenShift-Ansible BYOH Unit Tests are Broken
2040635 - CPU Utilisation is negative number for "Kubernetes / Compute Resources / Cluster" dashboard
2040654 - 'oc adm must-gather -- some_script' should exit with same non-zero code as the failed 'some_script' exits
2040779 - Nodeport svc not accessible when the backend pod is on a window node
2040933 - OCP 4.10 nightly build will fail to install if multiple NICs are defined on KVM nodes
2041133 - 'oc explain route.status.ingress.conditions' shows type 'Currently only Ready' but actually is 'Admitted'
2041454 - Garbage values accepted for `--reference-policy` in `oc import-image` without any error
2041616 - Ingress operator tries to manage DNS of additional ingresscontrollers that are not under clusters basedomain, which can't work
2041769 - Pipeline Metrics page not showing data for normal user
2041774 - Failing git detection should not recommend Devfiles as import strategy
2041814 - The KubeletConfigController wrongly process multiple confs for a pool
2041940 - Namespace pre-population not happening till a Pod is created
2042027 - Incorrect feedback for "oc label pods --all"
2042348 - Volume ID is missing in output message when expanding volume which is not mounted.
2042446 - CSIWithOldVSphereHWVersion alert recurring despite upgrade to vmx-15
2042501 - use lease for leader election
2042587 - ocm-operator: Improve reconciliation of CA ConfigMaps
2042652 - Unable to deploy hw-event-proxy operator
2042838 - The status of container is not consistent on Container details and pod details page
2042852 - Topology toolbars are unaligned to other toolbars
2042999 - A pod cannot reach kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local cluster IP
2043035 - Wrong error code provided when request contains invalid argument
2043068 - <x> available of <y> text disappears in Utilization item if x is 0
2043080 - openshift-installer intermittent failure on AWS with Error: InvalidVpcID.NotFound: The vpc ID 'vpc-123456789' does not exist
2043094 - ovnkube-node not deleting stale conntrack entries when endpoints go away
2043118 - Host should transition through Preparing when HostFirmwareSettings changed
2043132 - Add a metric when vsphere csi storageclass creation fails
2043314 - `oc debug node` does not meet compliance requirement
2043336 - Creating multi SriovNetworkNodePolicy cause the worker always be draining
2043428 - Address Alibaba CSI driver operator review comments
2043533 - Update ironic, inspector, and ironic-python-agent to latest bugfix release
2043672 - [MAPO] root volumes not working
2044140 - When 'oc adm upgrade --to-image ...' rejects an update as not recommended, it should mention --allow-explicit-upgrade
2044207 - [KMS] The data in the text box does not get cleared on switching the authentication method
2044227 - Test Managed cluster should only include cluster daemonsets that have maxUnavailable update of 10 or 33 percent fails
2044412 - Topology list misses separator lines and hover effect let the list jump 1px
2044421 - Topology list does not allow selecting an application group anymore
2044591 - CVE-2022-0235 node-fetch: exposure of sensitive information to an unauthorized actor
2044803 - Unify button text style on VM tabs
2044824 - Failing test in periodics: [sig-network] Services should respect internalTrafficPolicy=Local Pod and Node, to Pod (hostNetwork: true) [Feature:ServiceInternalTrafficPolicy] [Skipped:Network/OVNKubernetes] [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel] [Suite:k8s]
2045065 - Scheduled pod has nodeName changed
2045073 - Bump golang and build images for local-storage-operator
2045087 - Failed to apply sriov policy on intel nics
2045551 - Remove enabled FeatureGates from TechPreviewNoUpgrade
2045559 - API_VIP moved when kube-api container on another master node was stopped
2045577 - [ocp 4.9 | ovn-kubernetes] ovsdb_idl|WARN|transaction error: {"details":"cannot delete Datapath_Binding row 29e48972-xxxx because of 2 remaining reference(s)","error":"referential integrity violation
2045872 - SNO: cluster-policy-controller failed to start due to missing serving-cert/tls.crt
2045880 - CVE-2022-21698 prometheus/client_golang: Denial of service using InstrumentHandlerCounter
2046133 - [MAPO]IPI proxy installation failed
2046156 - Network policy: preview of affected pods for non-admin shows empty popup
2046157 - Still uses pod-security.admission.config.k8s.io/v1alpha1 in admission plugin config
2046191 - Opeartor pod is missing correct qosClass and priorityClass
2046277 - openshift-installer intermittent failure on AWS with "Error: Provider produced inconsistent result after apply" when creating the module.vpc.aws_subnet.private_subnet[0] resource
2046319 - oc debug cronjob command failed with error "unable to extract pod template from type *v1.CronJob".
2046435 - Better Devfile Import Strategy support in the 'Import from Git' flow
2046496 - Awkward wrapping of project toolbar on mobile
2046497 - Re-enable TestMetricsEndpoint test case in console operator e2e tests
2046498 - "All Projects" and "all applications" use different casing on topology page
2046591 - Auto-update boot source is not available while create new template from it
2046594 - "Requested template could not be found" while creating VM from user-created template
2046598 - Auto-update boot source size unit is byte on customize wizard
2046601 - Cannot create VM from template
2046618 - Start last run action should contain current user name in the started-by annotation of the PLR
2046662 - Should upgrade the go version to be 1.17 for example go operator memcached-operator
2047197 - Sould upgrade the operator_sdk.util version to "0.4.0" for the "osdk_metric" module
2047257 - [CP MIGRATION] Node drain failure during control plane node migration
2047277 - Storage status is missing from status card of virtualization overview
2047308 - Remove metrics and events for master port offsets
2047310 - Running VMs per template card needs empty state when no VMs exist
2047320 - New route annotation to show another URL or hide topology URL decorator doesn't work for Knative Services
2047335 - 'oc get project' caused 'Observed a panic: cannot deep copy core.NamespacePhase' when AllRequestBodies is used
2047362 - Removing prometheus UI access breaks origin test
2047445 - ovs-configure mis-detecting the ipv6 status on IPv4 only cluster causing Deployment failure
2047670 - Installer should pre-check that the hosted zone is not associated with the VPC and throw the error message.
2047702 - Issue described on bug #2013528 reproduced: mapi_current_pending_csr is always set to 1 on OpenShift Container Platform 4.8
2047710 - [OVN] ovn-dbchecker CrashLoopBackOff and sbdb jsonrpc unix socket receive error
2047732 - [IBM]Volume is not deleted after destroy cluster
2047741 - openshift-installer intermittent failure on AWS with "Error: Provider produced inconsistent result after apply" when creating the module.masters.aws_network_interface.master[1] resource
2047790 - [sig-network][Feature:Router] The HAProxy router should override the route host for overridden domains with a custom value [Skipped:Disconnected] [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel]
2047799 - release-openshift-ocp-installer-e2e-aws-upi-4.9
2047870 - Prevent redundant queries of BIOS settings in HostFirmwareController
2047895 - Fix architecture naming in oc adm release mirror for aarch64
2047911 - e2e: Mock CSI tests fail on IBM ROKS clusters
2047913 - [sig-network][Feature:Router] The HAProxy router should override the route host for overridden domains with a custom value [Skipped:Disconnected] [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel]
2047925 - [FJ OCP4.10 Bug]: IRONIC_KERNEL_PARAMS does not contain coreos_kernel_params during iPXE boot
2047935 - [4.11] Bootimage bump tracker
2047998 - [alicloud] CCM deploys alibaba-cloud-controller-manager from quay.io/openshift/origin-*
2048059 - Service Level Agreement (SLA) always show 'Unknown'
2048067 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] "Platform Provisioning Check" tells '"ap-southeast-6": enhanced NAT gateway is not supported', which seems false
2048186 - Image registry operator panics when finalizes config deletion
2048214 - Can not push images to image-registry when enabling KMS encryption in AlibabaCloud
2048219 - MetalLB: User should not be allowed add same bgp advertisement twice in BGP address pool
2048221 - Capitalization of titles in the VM details page is inconsistent.
2048222 - [AWS GovCloud] Cluster can not be installed on AWS GovCloud regions via terminal interactive UI.
2048276 - Cypress E2E tests fail due to a typo in test-cypress.sh
2048333 - prometheus-adapter becomes inaccessible during rollout
2048352 - [OVN] node does not recover after NetworkManager restart, NotReady and unreachable
2048442 - [KMS] UI does not have option to specify kube auth path and namespace for cluster wide encryption
2048451 - Custom serviceEndpoints in install-config are reported to be unreachable when environment uses a proxy
2048538 - Network policies are not implemented or updated by OVN-Kubernetes
2048541 - incorrect rbac check for install operator quick starts
2048563 - Leader election conventions for cluster topology
2048575 - IP reconciler cron job failing on single node
2048686 - Check MAC address provided on the install-config.yaml file
2048687 - All bare metal jobs are failing now due to End of Life of centos 8
2048793 - Many Conformance tests are failing in OCP 4.10 with Kuryr
2048803 - CRI-O seccomp profile out of date
2048824 - [IBMCloud] ibm-vpc-block-csi-node does not specify an update strategy, only resource requests, or priority class
2048841 - [ovn] Missing lr-policy-list and snat rules for egressip when new pods are added
2048955 - Alibaba Disk CSI Driver does not have CI
2049073 - AWS EFS CSI driver should use the trusted CA bundle when cluster proxy is configured
2049078 - Bond CNI: Failed to attach Bond NAD to pod
2049108 - openshift-installer intermittent failure on AWS with 'Error: Error waiting for NAT Gateway (nat-xxxxx) to become available'
2049117 - e2e-metal-ipi-serial-ovn-ipv6 is failing frequently
2049133 - oc adm catalog mirror throws 'missing signature key' error when using file://local/index
2049142 - Missing "app" label
2049169 - oVirt CSI driver should use the trusted CA bundle when cluster proxy is configured
2049234 - ImagePull fails with error "unable to pull manifest from example.com/busy.box:v5 invalid reference format"
2049410 - external-dns-operator creates provider section, even when not requested
2049483 - Sidepanel for Connectors/workloads in topology shows invalid tabs
2049613 - MTU migration on SDN IPv4 causes API alerts
2049671 - system:serviceaccount:openshift-cluster-csi-drivers:aws-ebs-csi-driver-operator trying to GET and DELETE /api/v1/namespaces/openshift-cluster-csi-drivers/configmaps/kube-cloud-config which does not exist
2049687 - superfluous apirequestcount entries in audit log
2049775 - cloud-provider-config change not applied when ExternalCloudProvider enabled
2049787 - (dummy bug) ovn-kubernetes ExternalTrafficPolicy still SNATs
2049832 - ContainerCreateError when trying to launch large (>500) numbers of pods across nodes
2049872 - cluster storage operator AWS credentialsrequest lacks KMS privileges
2049889 - oc new-app --search nodejs warns about access to sample content on quay.io
2050005 - Plugin module IDs can clash with console module IDs causing runtime errors
2050011 - Observe > Metrics page: Timespan text input and dropdown do not align
2050120 - Missing metrics in kube-state-metrics
2050146 - Installation on PSI fails with: 'openstack platform does not have the required standard-attr-tag network extension'
2050173 - [aws-ebs-csi-driver] Merge upstream changes since v1.2.0
2050180 - [aws-efs-csi-driver] Merge upstream changes since v1.3.2
2050300 - panic in cluster-storage-operator while updating status
2050332 - Malformed ClusterClaim lifetimes cause the clusterclaims-controller to silently fail to reconcile all clusterclaims
2050335 - azure-disk failed to mount with error special device does not exist
2050345 - alert data for burn budget needs to be updated to prevent regression
2050407 - revert "force cert rotation every couple days for development" in 4.11
2050409 - ip-reconcile job is failing consistently
2050452 - Update osType and hardware version used by RHCOS OVA to indicate it is a RHEL 8 guest
2050466 - machine config update with invalid container runtime config should be more robust
2050637 - Blog Link not re-directing to the intented website in the last modal in the Dev Console Onboarding Tour
2050698 - After upgrading the cluster the console still show 0 of N, 0% progress for worker nodes
2050707 - up test for prometheus pod look to far in the past
2050767 - Vsphere upi tries to access vsphere during manifests generation phase
2050853 - CVE-2021-23566 nanoid: Information disclosure via valueOf() function
2050882 - Crio appears to be coredumping in some scenarios
2050902 - not all resources created during import have common labels
2050946 - Cluster-version operator fails to notice TechPreviewNoUpgrade featureSet change after initialization-lookup error
2051320 - Need to build ose-aws-efs-csi-driver-operator-bundle-container image for 4.11
2051333 - [aws] records in public hosted zone and BYO private hosted zone were not deleted.
2051377 - Unable to switch vfio-pci to netdevice in policy
2051378 - Template wizard is crashed when there are no templates existing
2051423 - migrate loadbalancers from amphora to ovn not working
2051457 - [RFE] PDB for cloud-controller-manager to avoid going too many replicas down
2051470 - prometheus: Add validations for relabel configs
2051558 - RoleBinding in project without subject is causing "Project access" page to fail
2051578 - Sort is broken for the Status and Version columns on the Cluster Settings > ClusterOperators page
2051583 - sriov must-gather image doesn't work
2051593 - Summary Interval Hardcoded in PTP Operator if Set in the Global Body Instead of Command Line
2051611 - Remove Check which enforces summary_interval must match logSyncInterval
2051642 - Remove "Tech-Preview" Label for the Web Terminal GA release
2051657 - Remove 'Tech preview' from minnimal deployment Storage System creation
2051718 - MetaLLB: Validation Webhook: BGPPeer hold time is allowed to be set to less than 3s
2051722 - MetalLB: BGPPeer object does not have ability to set ebgpMultiHop
2051881 - [vSphere CSI driver Operator] RWX volumes counts metrics `vsphere_rwx_volumes_total` not valid
2051954 - Allow changing of policyAuditConfig ratelimit post-deployment
2051969 - Need to build local-storage-operator-metadata-container image for 4.11
2051985 - An APIRequestCount without dots in the name can cause a panic
2052016 - MetalLB: Webhook Validation: Two BGPPeers instances can have different router ID set.
2052034 - Can't start correct debug pod using pod definition yaml in OCP 4.8
2052055 - Whereabouts should implement client-go 1.22+
2052056 - Static pod installer should throttle creating new revisions
2052071 - local storage operator metrics target down after upgrade
2052095 - Infinite OAuth redirect loop post-upgrade to 4.10.0-rc.1
2052270 - FSyncControllerDegraded has "treshold" -> "threshold" typos
2052309 - [IBM Cloud] ibm-vpc-block-csi-controller does not specify an update strategy, priority class, or only resource requests
2052332 - Probe failures and pod restarts during 4.7 to 4.8 upgrade
2052393 - Failed to scaleup RHEL machine against OVN cluster due to jq tool is required by configure-ovs.sh
2052398 - 4.9 to 4.10 upgrade fails for ovnkube-masters
2052415 - Pod density test causing problems when using kube-burner
2052513 - Failing webhooks will block an upgrade to 4.10 mid-way through the upgrade.
2052578 - Create new app from a private git repository using 'oc new app' with basic auth does not work.
2052595 - Remove dev preview badge from IBM FlashSystem deployment windows
2052618 - Node reboot causes duplicate persistent volumes
2052671 - Add Sprint 214 translations
2052674 - Remove extra spaces
2052700 - kube-controller-manger should use configmap lease
2052701 - kube-scheduler should use configmap lease
2052814 - go fmt fails in OSM after migration to go 1.17
2052840 - IMAGE_BUILDER=docker make test-e2e-operator-ocp runs with podman instead of docker
2052953 - Observe dashboard always opens for last viewed workload instead of the selected one
2052956 - Installing virtualization operator duplicates the first action on workloads in topology
2052975 - High cpu load on Juniper Qfx5120 Network switches after upgrade to Openshift 4.8.26
2052986 - Console crashes when Mid cycle hook in Recreate strategy(edit deployment/deploymentConfig) selects Lifecycle strategy as "Tags the current image as an image stream tag if the deployment succeeds"
2053006 - [ibm]Operator storage PROGRESSING and DEGRADED is true during fresh install for ocp4.11
2053104 - [vSphere CSI driver Operator] hw_version_total metric update wrong value after upgrade nodes hardware version from `vmx-13` to `vmx-15`
2053112 - nncp status is unknown when nnce is Progressing
2053118 - nncp Available condition reason should be exposed in `oc get`
2053168 - Ensure the core dynamic plugin SDK package has correct types and code
2053205 - ci-openshift-cluster-network-operator-master-e2e-agnostic-upgrade is failing most of the time
2053304 - Debug terminal no longer works in admin console
2053312 - requestheader IDP test doesn't wait for cleanup, causing high failure rates
2053334 - rhel worker scaleup playbook failed because missing some dependency of podman
2053343 - Cluster Autoscaler not scaling down nodes which seem to qualify for scale-down
2053491 - nmstate interprets interface names as float64 and subsequently crashes on state update
2053501 - Git import detection does not happen for private repositories
2053582 - inability to detect static lifecycle failure
2053596 - [IBM Cloud] Storage IOPS limitations and lack of IPI ETCD deployment options trigger leader election during cluster initialization
2053609 - LoadBalancer SCTP service leaves stale conntrack entry that causes issues if service is recreated
2053622 - PDB warning alert when CR replica count is set to zero
2053685 - Topology performance: Immutable .toJSON consumes a lot of CPU time when rendering a large topology graph (~100 nodes)
2053721 - When using RootDeviceHint rotational setting the host can fail to provision
2053922 - [OCP 4.8][OVN] pod interface: error while waiting on OVS.Interface.external-ids
2054095 - [release-4.11] Gather images.conifg.openshift.io cluster resource definiition
2054197 - The ProjectHelmChartRepositrory schema has merged but has not been initialized in the cluster yet
2054200 - Custom created services in openshift-ingress removed even though the services are not of type LoadBalancer
2054238 - console-master-e2e-gcp-console is broken
2054254 - vSphere test failure: [Serial] [sig-auth][Feature:OAuthServer] [RequestHeaders] [IdP] test RequestHeaders IdP [Suite:openshift/conformance/serial]
2054285 - Services other than knative service also shows as KSVC in add subscription/trigger modal
2054319 - must-gather | gather_metallb_logs can't detect metallb pod
2054351 - Rrestart of ptp4l/phc2sys on change of PTPConfig generates more than one times, socket error in event frame work
2054385 - redhat-operatori ndex image build failed with AMQ brew build - amq-interconnect-operator-metadata-container-1.10.13
2054564 - DPU network operator 4.10 branch need to sync with master
2054630 - cancel create silence from kebab menu of alerts page will navigated to the previous page
2054693 - Error deploying HorizontalPodAutoscaler with oc new-app command in OpenShift 4
2054701 - [MAPO] Events are not created for MAPO machines
2054705 - [tracker] nf_reinject calls nf_queue_entry_free on an already freed entry->state
2054735 - Bad link in CNV console
2054770 - IPI baremetal deployment metal3 pod crashes when using capital letters in hosts bootMACAddress
2054787 - SRO controller goes to CrashLoopBackOff status when the pull-secret does not have the correct permissions
2054950 - A large number is showing on disk size field
2055305 - Thanos Querier high CPU and memory usage till OOM
2055386 - MetalLB changes the shared external IP of a service upon updating the externalTrafficPolicy definition
2055433 - Unable to create br-ex as gateway is not found
2055470 - Ingresscontroller LB scope change behaviour differs for different values of aws-load-balancer-internal annotation
2055492 - The default YAML on vm wizard is not latest
2055601 - installer did not destroy *.app dns recored in a IPI on ASH install
2055702 - Enable Serverless tests in CI
2055723 - CCM operator doesn't deploy resources after enabling TechPreviewNoUpgrade feature set.
2055729 - NodePerfCheck fires and stays active on momentary high latency
2055814 - Custom dynamic exntension point causes runtime and compile time error
2055861 - cronjob collect-profiles failed leads node reach to OutOfpods status
2055980 - [dynamic SDK][internal] console plugin SDK does not support table actions
2056454 - Implement preallocated disks for oVirt in the cluster API provider
2056460 - Implement preallocated disks for oVirt in the OCP installer
2056496 - If image does not exists for builder image then upload jar form crashes
2056519 - unable to install IPI PRIVATE OpenShift cluster in Azure due to organization policies
2056607 - Running kubernetes-nmstate handler e2e tests stuck on OVN clusters
2056752 - Better to named the oc-mirror version info with more information like the `oc version --client`
2056802 - "enforcedLabelLimit|enforcedLabelNameLengthLimit|enforcedLabelValueLengthLimit" do not take effect
2056841 - [UI] [DR] Web console update is available pop-up is seen multiple times on Hub cluster where ODF operator is not installed and unnecessarily it pop-up on the Managed cluster as well where ODF operator is installed
2056893 - incorrect warning for --to-image in oc adm upgrade help
2056967 - MetalLB: speaker metrics is not updated when deleting a service
2057025 - Resource requests for the init-config-reloader container of prometheus-k8s-* pods are too high
2057054 - SDK: k8s methods resolves into Response instead of the Resource
2057079 - [cluster-csi-snapshot-controller-operator] CI failure: events should not repeat pathologically
2057101 - oc commands working with images print an incorrect and inappropriate warning
2057160 - configure-ovs selects wrong interface on reboot
2057183 - OperatorHub: Missing "valid subscriptions" filter
2057251 - response code for Pod count graph changed from 422 to 200 periodically for about 30 minutes if pod is rescheduled
2057358 - [Secondary Scheduler] - cannot build bundle index image using the secondary scheduler operator bundle
2057387 - [Secondary Scheduler] - olm.skiprange, com.redhat.openshift.versions is incorrect and no minkubeversion
2057403 - CMO logs show forbidden: User "system:serviceaccount:openshift-monitoring:cluster-monitoring-operator" cannot get resource "replicasets" in API group "apps" in the namespace "openshift-monitoring"
2057495 - Alibaba Disk CSI driver does not provision small PVCs
2057558 - Marketplace operator polls too frequently for cluster operator status changes
2057633 - oc rsync reports misleading error when container is not found
2057642 - ClusterOperator status.conditions[].reason "etcd disk metrics exceeded..." should be a CamelCase slug
2057644 - FSyncControllerDegraded latches True, even after fsync latency recovers on all members
2057696 - Removing console still blocks OCP install from completing
2057762 - ingress operator should report Upgradeable False to remind user before upgrade to 4.10 when Non-SAN certs are used
2057832 - expr for record rule: "cluster:telemetry_selected_series:count" is improper
2057967 - KubeJobCompletion does not account for possible job states
2057990 - Add extra debug information to image signature workflow test
2057994 - SRIOV-CNI failed to load netconf: LoadConf(): failed to get VF information
2058030 - On OCP 4.10+ using OVNK8s on BM IPI, nodes register as localhost.localdomain
2058217 - [vsphere-problem-detector-operator] 'vsphere_rwx_volumes_total' metric name make confused
2058225 - openshift_csi_share_* metrics are not found from telemeter server
2058282 - Websockets stop updating during cluster upgrades
2058291 - CI builds should have correct version of Kube without needing to push tags everytime
2058368 - Openshift OVN-K got restarted mutilple times with the error " ovsdb-server/memory-trim-on-compaction on'' failed: exit status 1 and " ovndbchecker.go:118] unable to turn on memory trimming for SB DB, stderr " , cluster unavailable
2058370 - e2e-aws-driver-toolkit CI job is failing
2058421 - 4.9.23-s390x-machine-os-content manifest invalid when mirroring content for disconnected install
2058424 - ConsolePlugin proxy always passes Authorization header even if `authorize` property is omitted or false
2058623 - Bootstrap server dropdown menu in Create Event Source- KafkaSource form is empty even if it's created
2058626 - Multiple Azure upstream kube fsgroupchangepolicy tests are permafailing expecting gid "1000" but geting "root"
2058671 - whereabouts IPAM CNI ip-reconciler cronjob specification requires hostnetwork, api-int lb usage & proper backoff
2058692 - [Secondary Scheduler] Creating secondaryscheduler instance fails with error "key failed with : secondaryschedulers.operator.openshift.io "secondary-scheduler" not found"
2059187 - [Secondary Scheduler] - key failed with : serviceaccounts "secondary-scheduler" is forbidden
2059212 - [tracker] Backport https://github.com/util-linux/util-linux/commit/eab90ef8d4f66394285e0cff1dfc0a27242c05aa
2059213 - ART cannot build installer images due to missing terraform binaries for some architectures
2059338 - A fully upgraded 4.10 cluster defaults to HW-13 hardware version even if HW-15 is default (and supported)
2059490 - The operator image in CSV file of the ART DPU network operator bundle is incorrect
2059567 - vMedia based IPI installation of OpenShift fails on Nokia servers due to issues with virtual media attachment and boot source override
2059586 - (release-4.11) Insights operator doesn't reconcile clusteroperator status condition messages
2059654 - Dynamic demo plugin proxy example out of date
2059674 - Demo plugin fails to build
2059716 - cloud-controller-manager flaps operator version during 4.9 -> 4.10 update
2059791 - [vSphere CSI driver Operator] didn't update 'vsphere_csi_driver_error' metric value when fixed the error manually
2059840 - [LSO]Could not gather logs for pod diskmaker-discovery and diskmaker-manager
2059943 - MetalLB: Move CI config files to metallb repo from dev-scripts repo
2060037 - Configure logging level of FRR containers
2060083 - CMO doesn't react to changes in clusteroperator console
2060091 - CMO produces invalid alertmanager statefulset if console cluster .status.consoleURL is unset
2060133 - [OVN RHEL upgrade] could not find IP addresses: failed to lookup link br-ex: Link not found
2060147 - RHEL8 Workers Need to Ensure libseccomp is up to date at install time
2060159 - LGW: External->Service of type ETP=Cluster doesn't go to the node
2060329 - Detect unsupported amount of workloads before rendering a lazy or crashing topology
2060334 - Azure VNET lookup fails when the NIC subnet is in a different resource group
2060361 - Unable to enumerate NICs due to missing the 'primary' field due to security restrictions
2060406 - Test 'operators should not create watch channels very often' fails
2060492 - Update PtpConfigSlave source-crs to use network_transport L2 instead of UDPv4
2060509 - Incorrect installation of ibmcloud vpc csi driver in IBM Cloud ROKS 4.10
2060532 - LSO e2e tests are run against default image and namespace
2060534 - openshift-apiserver pod in crashloop due to unable to reach kubernetes svc ip
2060549 - ErrorAddingLogicalPort: duplicate IP found in ECMP Pod route cache!
2060553 - service domain can't be resolved when networkpolicy is used in OCP 4.10-rc
2060583 - Remove Console internal-kubevirt plugin SDK package
2060605 - Broken access to public images: Unable to connect to the server: no basic auth credentials
2060617 - IBMCloud destroy DNS regex not strict enough
2060687 - Azure Ci: SubscriptionDoesNotSupportZone - does not support availability zones at location 'westus'
2060697 - [AWS] partitionNumber cannot work for specifying Partition number
2060714 - [DOCS] Change source_labels to sourceLabels in "Configuring remote write storage" section
2060837 - [oc-mirror] Catalog merging error when two or more bundles does not have a set Replace field
2060894 - Preceding/Trailing Whitespaces In Form Elements on the add page
2060924 - Console white-screens while using debug terminal
2060968 - Installation failing due to ironic-agent.service not starting properly
2060970 - Bump recommended FCOS to 35.20220213.3.0
2061002 - Conntrack entry is not removed for LoadBalancer IP
2061301 - Traffic Splitting Dialog is Confusing With Only One Revision
2061303 - Cachito request failure with vendor directory is out of sync with go.mod/go.sum
2061304 - workload info gatherer - don't serialize empty images map
2061333 - White screen for Pipeline builder page
2061447 - [GSS] local pv's are in terminating state
2061496 - etcd RecentBackup=Unknown ControllerStarted contains no message string
2061527 - [IBMCloud] infrastructure asset missing CloudProviderType
2061544 - AzureStack is hard-coded to use Standard_LRS for the disk type
2061549 - AzureStack install with internal publishing does not create api DNS record
2061611 - [upstream] The marker of KubeBuilder doesn't work if it is close to the code
2061732 - Cinder CSI crashes when API is not available
2061755 - Missing breadcrumb on the resource creation page
2061833 - A single worker can be assigned to multiple baremetal hosts
2061891 - [IPI on IBMCLOUD] missing ?br-sao? region in openshift installer
2061916 - mixed ingress and egress policies can result in half-isolated pods
2061918 - Topology Sidepanel style is broken
2061919 - Egress Ip entry stays on node's primary NIC post deletion from hostsubnet
2062007 - MCC bootstrap command lacks template flag
2062126 - IPfailover pod is crashing during creation showing keepalived_script doesn't exist
2062151 - Add RBAC for 'infrastructures' to operator bundle
2062355 - kubernetes-nmstate resources and logs not included in must-gathers
2062459 - Ingress pods scheduled on the same node
2062524 - [Kamelet Sink] Topology crashes on click of Event sink node if the resource is created source to Uri over ref
2062558 - Egress IP with openshift sdn in not functional on worker node.
2062568 - CVO does not trigger new upgrade again after fail to update to unavailable payload
2062645 - configure-ovs: don't restart networking if not necessary
2062713 - Special Resource Operator(SRO) - No sro_used_nodes metric
2062849 - hw event proxy is not binding on ipv6 local address
2062920 - Project selector is too tall with only a few projects
2062998 - AWS GovCloud regions are recognized as the unknown regions
2063047 - Configuring a full-path query log file in CMO breaks Prometheus with the latest version of the operator
2063115 - ose-aws-efs-csi-driver has invalid dependency in go.mod
2063164 - metal-ipi-ovn-ipv6 Job Permafailing and Blocking OpenShift 4.11 Payloads: insights operator is not available
2063183 - DefragDialTimeout is set to low for large scale OpenShift Container Platform - Cluster
2063194 - cluster-autoscaler-default will fail when automated etcd defrag is running on large scale OpenShift Container Platform 4 - Cluster
2063321 - [OVN]After reboot egress node, lr-policy-list was not correct, some duplicate records or missed internal IPs
2063324 - MCO template output directories created with wrong mode causing render failure in unprivileged container environments
2063375 - ptp operator upgrade from 4.9 to 4.10 stuck at pending due to service account requirements not met
2063414 - on OKD 4.10, when image-registry is enabled, the /etc/hosts entry is missing on some nodes
2063699 - Builds - Builds - Logs: i18n misses.
2063708 - Builds - Builds - Logs: translation correction needed.
2063720 - Metallb EBGP neighbor stuck in active until adding ebgp-multihop (directly connected neighbors)
2063732 - Workloads - StatefulSets : I18n misses
2063747 - When building a bundle, the push command fails because is passes a redundant "IMG=" on the the CLI
2063753 - User Preferences - Language - Language selection : Page refresh rquired to change the UI into selected Language.
2063756 - User Preferences - Applications - Insecure traffic : i18n misses
2063795 - Remove go-ovirt-client go.mod replace directive
2063829 - During an IPI install with the 4.10.4 installer on vSphere, getting "Check": platform.vsphere.network: Invalid value: "VLAN_3912": unable to find network provided"
2063831 - etcd quorum pods landing on same node
2063897 - Community tasks not shown in pipeline builder page
2063905 - PrometheusOperatorWatchErrors alert may fire shortly in case of transient errors from the API server
2063938 - sing the hard coded rest-mapper in library-go
2063955 - cannot download operator catalogs due to missing images
2063957 - User Management - Users : While Impersonating user, UI is not switching into user's set language
2064024 - SNO OCP upgrade with DU workload stuck at waiting for kube-apiserver static pod
2064170 - [Azure] Missing punctuation in the installconfig.controlPlane.platform.azure.osDisk explain
2064239 - Virtualization Overview page turns into blank page
2064256 - The Knative traffic distribution doesn't update percentage in sidebar
2064553 - UI should prefer to use the virtio-win configmap than v2v-vmware configmap for windows creation
2064596 - Fix the hubUrl docs link in pipeline quicksearch modal
2064607 - Pipeline builder makes too many (100+) API calls upfront
2064613 - [OCPonRHV]- after few days that cluster is alive we got error in storage operator
2064693 - [IPI][OSP] Openshift-install fails to find the shiftstack cloud defined in clouds.yaml in the current directory
2064702 - CVE-2022-27191 golang: crash in a golang.org/x/crypto/ssh server
2064705 - the alertmanagerconfig validation catches the wrong value for invalid field
2064744 - Errors trying to use the Debug Container feature
2064984 - Update error message for label limits
2065076 - Access monitoring Routes based on monitoring-shared-config creates wrong URL
2065160 - Possible leak of load balancer targets on AWS Machine API Provider
2065224 - Configuration for cloudFront in image-registry operator configuration is ignored & duration is corrupted
2065290 - CVE-2021-23648 sanitize-url: XSS
2065338 - VolumeSnapshot creation date sorting is broken
2065507 - `oc adm upgrade` should return ReleaseAccepted condition to show upgrade status.
2065510 - [AWS] failed to create cluster on ap-southeast-3
2065513 - Dev Perspective -> Project Dashboard shows Resource Quotas which are a bit misleading, and too many decimal places
2065547 - (release-4.11) Gather kube-controller-manager pod logs with garbage collector errors
2065552 - [AWS] Failed to install cluster on AWS ap-southeast-3 region due to image-registry panic error
2065577 - user with user-workload-monitoring-config-edit role can not create user-workload-monitoring-config configmap
2065597 - Cinder CSI is not configurable
2065682 - Remote write relabel config adds label __tmp_openshift_cluster_id__ to all metrics
2065689 - Internal Image registry with GCS backend does not redirect client
2065749 - Kubelet slowly leaking memory and pods eventually unable to start
2065785 - ip-reconciler job does not complete, halts node drain
2065804 - Console backend check for Web Terminal Operator incorrectly returns HTTP 204
2065806 - stop considering Mint mode as supported on Azure
2065840 - the cronjob object is created with a wrong api version batch/v1beta1 when created via the openshift console
2065893 - [4.11] Bootimage bump tracker
2066009 - CVE-2021-44906 minimist: prototype pollution
2066232 - e2e-aws-workers-rhel8 is failing on ansible check
2066418 - [4.11] Update channels information link is taking to a 404 error page
2066444 - The "ingress" clusteroperator's relatedObjects field has kind names instead of resource names
2066457 - Prometheus CI failure: 503 Service Unavailable
2066463 - [IBMCloud] failed to list DNS zones: Exactly one of ApiKey or RefreshToken must be specified
2066605 - coredns template block matches cluster API to loose
2066615 - Downstream OSDK still use upstream image for Hybird type operator
2066619 - The GitCommit of the `oc-mirror version` is not correct
2066665 - [ibm-vpc-block] Unable to change default storage class
2066700 - [node-tuning-operator] - Minimize wildcard/privilege Usage in Cluster and Local Roles
2066754 - Cypress reports for core tests are not captured
2066782 - Attached disk keeps in loading status when add disk to a power off VM by non-privileged user
2066865 - Flaky test: In-tree Volumes [Driver: azure-disk] [Testpattern: Dynamic PV (delayed binding)] topology should provision a volume and schedule a pod with AllowedTopologies
2066886 - openshift-apiserver pods never going NotReady
2066887 - Dependabot alert: Path traversal in github.com/valyala/fasthttp
2066889 - Dependabot alert: Path traversal in github.com/valyala/fasthttp
2066923 - No rule to make target 'docker-push' when building the SRO bundle
2066945 - SRO appends "arm64" instead of "aarch64" to the kernel name and it doesn't match the DTK
2067004 - CMO contains grafana image though grafana is removed
2067005 - Prometheus rule contains grafana though grafana is removed
2067062 - should update prometheus-operator resources version
2067064 - RoleBinding in Developer Console is dropping all subjects when editing
2067155 - Incorrect operator display name shown in pipelines quickstart in devconsole
2067180 - Missing i18n translations
2067298 - Console 4.10 operand form refresh
2067312 - PPT event source is lost when received by the consumer
2067384 - OCP 4.10 should be firing APIRemovedInNextEUSReleaseInUse for APIs removed in 1.25
2067456 - OCP 4.11 should be firing APIRemovedInNextEUSReleaseInUse and APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse for APIs removed in 1.25
2067995 - Internal registries with a big number of images delay pod creation due to recursive SELinux file context relabeling
2068115 - resource tab extension fails to show up
2068148 - [4.11] /etc/redhat-release symlink is broken
2068180 - OCP UPI on AWS with STS enabled is breaking the Ingress operator
2068181 - Event source powered with kamelet type source doesn't show associated deployment in resources tab
2068490 - OLM descriptors integration test failing
2068538 - Crashloop back-off popover visual spacing defects
2068601 - Potential etcd inconsistent revision and data occurs
2068613 - ClusterRoleUpdated/ClusterRoleBindingUpdated Spamming Event Logs
2068908 - Manual blog link change needed
2069068 - reconciling Prometheus Operator Deployment failed while upgrading from 4.7.46 to 4.8.35
2069075 - [Alibaba 4.11.0-0.nightly] cluster storage component in Progressing state
2069181 - Disabling community tasks is not working
2069198 - Flaky CI test in e2e/pipeline-ci
2069307 - oc mirror hangs when processing the Red Hat 4.10 catalog
2069312 - extend rest mappings with 'job' definition
2069457 - Ingress operator has superfluous finalizer deletion logic for LoadBalancer-type services
2069577 - ConsolePlugin example proxy authorize is wrong
2069612 - Special Resource Operator (SRO) - Crash when nodeSelector does not match any nodes
2069632 - Not able to download previous container logs from console
2069643 - ConfigMaps leftovers while uninstalling SpecialResource with configmap
2069654 - Creating VMs with YAML on Openshift Virtualization UI is missing labels `flavor`, `os` and `workload`
2069685 - UI crashes on load if a pinned resource model does not exist
2069705 - prometheus target "serviceMonitor/openshift-metallb-system/monitor-metallb-controller/0" has a failure with "server returned HTTP status 502 Bad Gateway"
2069740 - On-prem loadbalancer ports conflict with kube node port range
2069760 - In developer perspective divider does not show up in navigation
2069904 - Sync upstream 1.18.1 downstream
2069914 - Application Launcher groupings are not case-sensitive
2069997 - [4.11] should add user containers in /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid to support run pods in user namespaces
2070000 - Add warning alerts for installing standalone k8s-nmstate
2070020 - InContext doesn't work for Event Sources
2070047 - Kuryr: Prometheus when installed on the cluster shouldn't report any alerts in firing state apart from Watchdog and AlertmanagerReceiversNotConfigured
2070160 - Copy-to-clipboard and <pre> elements cause display issues for ACM dynamic plugins
2070172 - SRO uses the chart's name as Helm release, not the SpecialResource's
2070181 - [MAPO] serverGroupName ignored
2070457 - Image vulnerability Popover overflows from the visible area
2070674 - [GCP] Routes get timed out and nonresponsive after creating 2K service routes
2070703 - some ipv6 network policy tests consistently failing
2070720 - [UI] Filter reset doesn't work on Pods/Secrets/etc pages and comp